Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Just for Fun...How Many Homes Are Under Contract In New Braunfels?

Currently there are 687 homes available in New Braunfels.  21% (144) of these home are under contract(various stages of purchase).  These homes range in sq footage, lot size, New Braunfels location, features, etc. 

The most expensive home "under contract" is located in Vintage Oaks and has a list price of $549,000.  The least expensive home being purchased, located in Unicorn Heights, is priced at $62,731. The average list price for homes under contract is $212,306.

Please note: This information only includes single family residential properties.  It does not include multi-family, ranches, land, commercial, or resort properties. Data provided by Central Texas MLS is deemed reliable but not guaranteed.  Data does not reflect properties sold or listed exclusively through by owners or builders who have not listed in the MLS.  Data does not necessarily reflect Keller Williams listings and sales.

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